Psy Culture Manifesto

Nowadays we don't suffer as we did in the past. The world has changed, the relationships have changed, the work organization transformed itself. If, in the last centuries, the right to life, to physical health, and to rest were topics that changed the world, we enter the new century facing the new challenges which labor relationships present us, and they now concern our mental health. We believe, therefore, that it is urgent to extend our battle to a field beyond the body and go forward to the mind issues.
Today working is maddening: burnout, stress, anxiety, anguish, fear, dissatisfaction, somatizations, suicide. We are suffering!
Therefore, a PSY culture – Psychological, Psychoanalytical and even Psychiatric – needs to develop itself and gain the forums of world debate in the name of our mental balance and of good relationships. We need to overcome the stigmas, tear down taboos and talk about our inner world, our subjectivity.
We need to take care of our psychological equilibrium not because we are unbalanced, but because we all have sufferings.
We need to give voice to our idiosyncrasies, to our small and great madness. There would not be greater madness in life than to go through an entire life repeating behaviors which cause us sufferings and not knowing the reason why. We need to overcome that prejudice which says that only the madman goes to the Psy… because what is at stake is our happiness, our wellbeing, our peace of mind, our relationship with ourselves, with the people we love, work or live with, our relationship with the world.
We need to take care of what does us good. To take care of our psychism is to take care of our life tissue and of our productivity force.
What is at stake is our future, because without the development of anemphatic sensibility and in the name of a merely material productivity we are poisoning the planet as well as our relationships
Join us in the diffusion of the psy culture - #CulturaPsi.
You are not alone!

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